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Question: Do I wear your rain boots with or without shoes?
Answer: All of our rain boots are made to be worn without shoes.
Question: Why do you also refer to your rain boots as 'wellies'?
Answer: There are a lot of different terms used to refer to rain boots. Galoshes, wellies (not to be confused with the actual Wellington brand) and gun boots are just a few ways people refer to rain boots.
Question: Do you ship internationally?
Answer: Yes!  If it rains where you live, we most likely ship there.  You can see the list of locations during the checkout process.
Question: How quickly does my order get processed after I place it?
Answer: We do our best to process orders within 24 to 36 hours upon receipt. Sometimes, it may take us longer. If it takes us longer than 36 hours, normally it is because we are waiting on a payment or maybe a product. If this is the case, we will do our best to contact you. 
Question: What does it mean when you say 'process' an order?
Answer: That means printing an invoice or packing slip, pulling your items, creating a shipping label and readying it for shipment via UPS or USPS.
Question: Do you sell rain wear wholesale?
Answer: Not at this time.  Please check back later.
Question: What is your return policy?
Answer: See our Shipping & Returns section for details. 
Question: Why are all of the boots sized differently?
Answer: Many of the rain boots are made by different manufactures, each whom have different measurements for their boots. Also, the style of boot contributes to the measurement and fit of the boot.
Question: Do you have measurements of your boots online?
Answer: No. In general the manufacturers don't provide measurements for their boots so we have to physically measure them to get this information. It is pretty time consuming. But if you ask, we will totally get measurements for you.
Question: What type of lining do your rain boots have?
Answer: This information is also included with the measurement information. But, most of the boots have a thin cotton lining that promoted moisture absorbency. A few styles have a fleece lining while a few others have a micro-fleece lining. The lining information is also listed online with the boot measurements.
Question: When you say a boot runs a full size big, what does that mean?
Answer: Full size big means that a size 8 rain boots is actually a size 9 in 'normal' shoes. So if you normally wear a 9 shoe, order an 8 in a rain boot that is listed as a full size big. ON the other hand, if a boot is described as a full size small, order a size larger than you normally wear. True to size means that a 9 rain boot is the same as a 9 in a regular shoe.
Question: I wear a half size. Should I order up or down in size?
Answer: If the boots run large, we suggest going down to the next closest whole size. If they run true to size, going up normally fits best.
Question: You helped me choose a boot size and they don't fit right. Now what?
Answer: Everyone's feet are different and we can only guide you in picking the correct size. Some boots are narrower, some wider, some taller, some shorter. Since each person's body, including their feet, is built differently, we can't be 100% sure the size we assist you in choosing will fit perfectly. That is one of the reasons we have posted measurements for many of our boots online, to assist in determining the right boot for you. But, you are more than welcome to return or exchange your boots.
Question: Is there something I should do to prolong the life of my rain boots?
Answer: Actually, yes! Never leave your boots in the sun or anyplace that is exceptionally warm, especially near heaters and radiators. Both of these things will cause the rubber to dry out and crack. You can use a rubber conditioner from Lacrosse to help prevent this. And for those of you with kids that wear their rain boots daily, just know that they will wear out much more quickly as they are receiving some serious use. J
Question: Why are some boots in shoe boxes and others are in plastic bags?
Answer: That is how we get them from the manufacturer.
Question: Can you explain Child/Toddler versus Youth sizing?
Answer: Sure. Child and Youth sizes are listed altogether. The Child/Toddler sizes normally run from size 5 through 13 and then Youth sizes start at size 1 through size 4 (sometimes to a 6). A Youth size 3 is also basically equal to a Women's size 5, a Youth 4 to a Women's 6, although the Youth sizes are a bit more narrow and shorter.
Question: How can I tell what size I would wear in US size shoes?
Answer: Here is a great Shoe Size Chart for conversion information.
Question: Can I count on the delivery date listed for the pre-order boots?
Answer: We do our best to estimate the ship dates on pre-orders but sometimes, the manufacturer pushes out their delivery date to us which affects our ship date to our customers. Sometimes they come in on time, sometimes they are delayed one or more times. Once we receive a pre-order boot in stock, we ship them out within 24 hours of receipt. And if by chance they are delayed, we do our best to email and let you know.
Question: What is a pre-order boot anyway?
Answer: These are boots we are selling in advance of actually having them in stock.
Question: How can I pay for my order?
Answer: We support all major North American card networks. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Wright Express, Carte Blanche & Diner's Club, as well as Google Checkout for your convenience.
Question: I need to ask someone a question. How do I get in touch with you?
Answer: Please send an email to DLL Rainwear and you will have a response ASAP. 
Question: Are you a 24/7 operation?
Answer: Being an online retailer, of course we take orders all the time. For Customer Service inquires please use the email address above.
Question: Why doesn't the color of some of your products on your website look exactly like the color of the actual product?
Answer: Unfortunately, sometimes the pictures we take or receive from the manufacturers alter the actual color of the products. The way your computer monitor is set can also change the true color of the photo as well. There is nothing we can really do to remedy either issue but we do our best to provide accurate pictures.
Question: I ordered something online and now you say you don't have it in stock. Why?
Answer: We do our best not to list products we no longer have in stock. But, we get so many orders each day that there are times when we suddenly sell out of something and are unable to remove it from the site before someone else orders it. If you do order something that is out of stock, we will contact you and do our best to find something else that will work for you or we will refund your money.
Question: Why don't you have size 5, 11 or half sizes in all of your boots?
Answer: That is an individual manufacturer decision. Most rain boots only come in whole sizes and many also only come in size 6 through 10. We are continually telling our manufacturers that we have customers that need smaller and larger sizes!
Question: What happens if I need to make a change to an order?
Answer: If you need to change something about your order, do it as quickly after placing the order as possible. You can review your orders in the "My Account" section.  In general orders are processed within 24-36 (business day) hours and if you wait much longer, odds are, it will have already been shipped.
Question: I have a gift certificate (or store credit) that I haven't used but it is not working on your new website. Can I still apply it to my order?
Answer: Of course! Feel free to email us directly at info@dllrainwear.com and we will be happy to help you with this.
Question: Question: Is DLL Rainwear the same as Diane's Little Lambs and Rain Gear?
Answer: Yes. DLL actually stands for Diane's Little Lambs. We changed our name a few years back to better reflect our sole focus on rainwear products.
Question: Can I special order rain boots in a specific style or size?
Answer: Sorry, no. Those boots would probably cost you thousands of dollars! We have to commit to buying thousands of pairs of one style of boot before the manufacturer will consider making them for us.
Question: How long will it take for my order to get to me if I choose UPS Ground?
Answer: It really depends on your location relative to but on average, it takes about 5 to 7 business days.
Question: My order was shipping via the United States Postal Service. Why can't I track my package on their site?
Answer: They say you can track packages but they don't scan all their parcels at each hub like UPS does so they don't offer true package tracking. Your package may not even show up as shipped on the USPS website until it is actually delivered.

Question: Do you have any retail locations?
Answer: Nope. We are an online store only and have no plans to open any physical stores.
Question: Do you have a catalog you can send me?
Answer: Sorry, we don't have a physical catalog either. We add and delete products so quickly, that it doesn't make sense for us to have a catalog.
Question: I am looking for adult rain boots, rain jacket and umbrellas that match. Do you have those?
Answer: Most of our matching sets are for children only. We have told our manufacturers that many adults would like matching sets...maybe someday they'll listen to us!
Question: I need really good arch support. Do any of your boots provide that?
Answer: Most rain boots don't offer any arch support. Our recommendation is to insert your own support insoles into your boots.
Question: My rain boots really smell bad! How can I minimize this odor?
Answer: Yea, newly made rain boots can be super stinky. This strong smell is a natural off-gassing from the manufacturing process and will dissipate. We normally suggest spraying the insides of the boots with Febreeze ™ and letting them air dry out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
Question: How are rain boots made?
Answer: Rain boots are made from natural rubber which by nature is not waterproof and can be brittle when cold and gooey when wet. To make rubber usable, it has to undergo a process called vulcanization. This chemical process not only makes the rubber waterproof but also makes it the proper consistency. 
To make the boots, a mold of the boot called a 'last' is created. From this mold all the different sizes of boots are made. The material that makes the inner lining is placed over the last. The last is enclosed in a machine that is injected with rubber which creates the boot around the last. The pattern is then printed over the rubber. 
Question: I ordered a great pair of boots from you awhile ago but now can't find them on your site. Why is that?
Answer: It is very possible that the style you are looking for has been discontinued. Manufacturers often discontinue certain styles after a while, especially if they have a new boot that is similar or if the style isn't a big seller.
Question: How long has DLL Rainwear been in business?
Answer: We have been selling rain gear online for about 8 years. Our business started out slow and thanks to all of our great customers, we are growing by leaps and bounds!
Question: What happens if I really need to talk to someone at DLL Rainwear?
Answer: Our customers have made us what we are and we take customer service very seriously. If you have an issue, suggestion or question that you haven't been able to get answered, please do drop us an email. We check them often and promise to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call and leave a message on our voice mail service (831-216-6050) and a customer service rep will call you back. 


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