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About Us

Today's rain boot has become a statement of one's personality. They are not only a bad weather necessity but a fashion accessory as well. No longer does everyone have the same clunky yellow gollashes and matching slicker. You can make a rainy day less dreary with colorful, funky rain boots, a stylish coat and an umbrella that is literally a work of art. And you can get it all at DLL Rainwear.

DLL Rainwear began as a hobby and quickly exploded into a booming online business selling stylish rain boots and shoes for men, women and children. DLL is THE one-stop online shop for all things rainwear. Whatever your style, we've got it. Classic solid colors, abstract florals, cowboy rain boots, plaids, nautical designs, tattoo-inspired designs, skulls, animal prints, stripes, tweeds and hounds tooth just to name a few. We even have Mommy & Me sets so you and your child can splash through those puddles in matching wellies.

DLL Rainwear and its products have been featured in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, TV shows and online blogs. Good Morning America, Good Housekeeping, Domino, InStyle, Prevention Magazine's Gift Guide, People StyleWatch, Woman's World, Playboy (yes Playboy!), Parents, SwankyMoms.com and Jolie are just a few of the top magazines and websites that have featured DLL Rainwear. Oh, and have you seen the Deadliest Catch? If so you've seen the only woman on the series sporting some rain boots from DLL Rainwear. Even when you're on a fishing boat braving violent storms, you can still have killer functional footwear.

In addition to our great selection of rain boots, we also believe in customer service. Not mediocre customer service or pseudo customer service (like those aggravating computer generated phone voices that lead you around in button-pushing circles). At DLL Rainwear, a real person actually answers emails. Seriously. And if you call and leave us a message, a real person will call you back. We do our very best to email our customers quickly and don't just give canned answers. We go above and beyond and put the human touch into your online shopping experience. Have a question, an issue, a phone order? Give us a call, fire off an email...and we'll get back to you ASAP.

So whether you are in Texas, Tokyo, London or right around the corner, we're sure you can find an umbrella, raincoat or a  pair of rain boots (or two or three) that will fit your style and make the next rainy day a lot more enjoyable. So bring on the rain and Puddle Stomp in Style ® with DLL Rainwear.

Email us at info@dllrainwear.com  

Leave us a message and we will call you back! 831-216-6050


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